Telecom Insurance Solutions

Telecoms across the world are venturing into insurance to add actual value to their subscribers by offering insurance products. For successful, enrollment, qualification, claims and engagement process the right solutions are required to facilitate successful product performance in whichever market. Bluewave is linking with leading Telecom providers to offer this superior insurance offering to their customers.

Bancassurance Solution

Banks are forming strong partnerships with Insurance companies to offer insurance solutions to their customers. Clients in the past have held Insurance companies with suspicion over the reliability of products due to inaccessibility of insurance, high costs and complex and most of the time products that have low claim experience. Bluewave is designing Bancassurance solutions to strengthen these upcoming partnerships further and bring insurance even closer and make it better for you.

Mass Market Retail Insurance Solutions

Inadequate access to insurance is a major contributing factor to the low insurance penetration in majority of countries in our continent. Africa is heavily dependent on an agent and or broker model. Mobile penetration in Africa is at a high with about 80% of the population having access to a mobile platform. Bluewave is designing solutions to get insurance closer to clients using a retail mobile platforms.

Agriculture MicroInsurance solutions

The demand for MicroInsurance Agriculture solutions is high. Bluewave has partnered with Agrotosh Mookerjee a Consultant MicroInsurance Actuary with over 10 years' experience in MicroInsurance product design for Telecom, banking and Agriculture clients across Africa and Asia. Below is a sample of the Agriculture products and solutions we are offering in partnership that reduce the impact of Agriculture based risks and cushion the farmers, banks, Microfinance institutions, input suppliers etc.

  1. Indemnity Insurance- if the farmer suffers a loss (of outcome or revenue) the insurance compensates the farmer and thus receives pprotection from weather events reducing volatility of income over time
  2. Weather Indexed Insurance (WII)- insurance linked to weather events as measured on a certain basis
  3. Area Yield Insurance- insurance linked to the crop yield as measured officially

MicroFinance, SACCOS and "CHAMA" insurance solutions

Many people living below the bread line want to start a small business or expand an existing one, but financial resources are unavailable from banks and other traditional lending institutions because of a lack of collateral. Insurance penetration is also currently low making most of this market segment very vulnerable to most risks. Bluewave is designing insurance solutions that are targeting Microfinance institutions, SACCOS and "CHAMA's" with an aim to grow their liability and asset base and also position insurance as not just a risk mitigation tool but also a source of revenue for these organizations. We are offering benefit rich insurance solutions that ensure the customer is protected from a vast array of risks.

How do we make insurance simple?

To make insurance simple, accessible and better we map our systems and processes with a tight operations model. The operations model enables fast claim settlement, Banking, Telecom and Agri customers can access our portal to see level of cover and report a claim with ease.