Product and process design

Are our products delivering the promises? We will help you determine that.

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Operational execution

For successful insurance products the operational model must be exceptional giving the clients a great enrollment and claim experience, Bluewave makes this happen.

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Project management

Bluewave will run your project from end to end i.e. from business creation, product pricing and approval, Insurer and client IT integration, product launch and continuous evaluation.

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Agriculture MicroInsurance

The demand for MicroInsurance Agriculture solutions is high. Bluewave has partnered with Agrotosh Mookerjee a Consultant MicroInsurance Actuary with over 10 years experience in MicroInsurance product design for Telecom, banking and... Int...

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Mass Market Retail Insurance

Inadequate access to insurance is a major contributing factor to the low insurance penetration in majority of countries in our continent. Africa is heavily dependent on an agent and or broker model. Mobile penetration in Africa is at...

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Bancassurance Solutions

Banks are forming strong partnerships with Insurance companies to offer insurance solutions to their customers. Clients in the past have held Insurance companies with suspicion over the reliability of products due to inaccessibility of insurance...

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Telcom Insurance

Telecom's across the world are venturing into insurance to add actual value to their subscribers by offering insurance products. For successful, enrollment, qualification, claims and engagement process the right solutions are required to Learn more