Adelaide Odhiambo


Adelaide has received unrivaled experience in designing both Conventional and MicroInsurance products in the market. Her vision is to use this experience to eradicate poverty and at the same time play a key role in improving Insurance uptake and penetration. Get insurance very close to the people who need it most.

She seeks to position Insurance not just as a risk mitigation tool but a channel to grow revenue in your business. Insurance has struggled with low penetration for years, she intend to increase penetration by creating a range of innovative solutions that will attract the masses and also create a channel to bring the retail consumer closer to an insurance 'self-service' solution.

Adelaide's experience has led her to work with some of the Top brands like Airtel, Jubilee Insurance, APA and Barclays globally.

Wesley Kirinya


Wesley is an entrepreneur at heart, having founded 3 companies so far. He has been developing commercial software for 10 years ranging from stand-alone mobile applications to enterprise biometric systems.

Wesley is by far one of the most renowned Software developers in Africa and won the prestigious award for his first video game, Africa's Top ICT Youth Innovator, 2008.

He is passionate about simple and creative uses of technology to solve everyday problems.

Ngwing Kimani


Ngwing Kimani is the Accountant and Financial Advisor at Bluewave Insurance Agency Ltd through her company, Laeteon Wealth Management Services Ltd. ( She is responsible for the bookkeeping, compliance and overall financial management of the company. She brings over 14 years of Corporate experience to the team and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed. Her wealth of experience includes fundraising, implementing business ideas, managing administrative tasks, financial and tax management, Human resource management as well as ensuring compliance.

Previously, she was Operations Manager at Open Capital Advisors and Office Manager at Dalberg Global Development Advisors, where she managed the finances, daily operations and Human Resources as well as implemented policies and procedures that served as a foundation for continuous growth.

She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of York, UK as a Commonwealth Scholar, a dual Bachelor’s degree with honors, in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, USA and a Diploma in Project Management from Ashworth College, USA.

Agrotosh Mookerjee

Consultant Microinsurance Actuary

Doreen Makena

Account Executive - Telecoms

Doreen represents a fresh mind in innovation, she holds a Bachelors in Commerce Degree from Strathmore University. Doreen, handles Airtel Networks as the portfolio lead. She has created sales strategies while she worked for Coca-Cola and was a merchandiser for Medpharm pharmaceuticals while still persuing her degree. 

Kennedy Nyosro

Sales Engagement Officer

Kennedy has a passion to revolutionise Sales. He drives our sales strategies by engagint the Sales force on Bluewave's select sales outlets. He analyses the sales made and works on an improvment sales approach for production. He brings the necessary "on the ground" engagement required in our business. 

Ashitiva & Co Advocates LLP

Legal Counsel

Ashitiva and Company advocates is a full service Corporate Commercial Law Firm focused on meeting and exceeding client satisfaction.

The firm undertakes international and cross-border matters on behalf of Bluewave and all their other clients in; Corporate, Commercial, Litigation and Conveyance law. They reflect the interests, needs, aspirations, vision and mission of their clients and facilitate their success by proactively pursuing their legal interests. In Nairobi they are conveniently located in Upperhill, on the outskirts of the city centre. While our Nakuru branch is situated in the central business district. Ashitiva are also the founding member of Law Summit Africa, a legal network of law firms across Africa that allows their clients to carry out seamless cross-jurisdictional transactions. You can read more on Ashitiva here: -

Our Advantages beyond technology

We are using niche actuarial pricing to design our products tailor making them to solve specific client day to day problems in their business. Our insurance products are designed to solve day to day problems.

Bluewave will run your project from end to end i.e. from business creation, product pricing and approval, Insurer and client IT integration, product launch and continuous evaluation.

For successful insurance products the operational model must be exceptional giving the clients a great enrollment and claim experience, Bluewave makes this happen.

Are our products delivering the promises? We will help you determine that.